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Telingstraat Utrecht

Telingstraat Utrecht

Watercolour, 36x28cm, Winsor&Newton hp 140lbs. Private property

Martinuskerk Utrecht

Pen and ink, washed €260

Winsor&Newton hp, 36x28cm

Girona 2

Pen and ink, washed. A4, €200

Cherries. 10 years ago


Oil on canvas panel, 23x30cm

One of my first paintings after 40 years.

Schoutenstraat Utrecht

Schoutenstraat Utrecht

Watercolor, 31x41cm, Winsor&Newton hp

The Shambles, York

The Shambles, York

Drawink pen and ink, watercolor. Schut paper A4; €300

Bruntenhof Utrecht

Entrance Bruntenhof Utrecht

Watercolor 21x23cm Winsor&Newton hp

Korimako/bellbird New Zealand


Colouredpencil, A4, private property

Utrecht, Zadelstraat 2

Utrecht, Zadelstraat 2

Watercolour, Clairfontaine cp, 44x32cm, sold

Palau Sator Catalunia/Spain

Palau Sator, Catalunia

Pen and ink, washed, A4, €175

Toroella de Montgris

Plaça de la Vila, Toroella de Montgris

Pen and ink, A4 €125

Kasteel De Haar/Castle De Haar

Kasteel De Haar, Haarzuilens-Utrecht

Watercolour, Winsor&Newton cp fine 36x28cm €260

Het Gele Kasteel / PhRM

Het Gele Kasteel/PhRM

Pen and ink, washed. A-5, €125

Giclees available

Dagpauwoog/ peacock eye

Peacock eye / dagpauwoog

Colouredpencil. Private property

Cloister Maartenshof 2

Cloister Maartenshof/Pandhof Utrecht

Pen and ink, washed A4 €200

Cloister Maartenshof Utrecht

Cloister Maartenshof/Pandhof

Pen and ink, washed A4 €200

Hestia, Drift Utrecht

Hestia 2 Utrecht

Watercolour, €380

Winsor&Newton cp 36x48cm Giclees available

Zandbrug 3 Utrecht

Zandbrug Utrecht

Watercolor, Winsor&Newton cp fine 41x31cm

Sold. Giclees available

Zandbrug 2 Utrecht

Zandbrug Utrecht

Watercolour, Winsor&Newton cp fine 41x31cm

Private property. Giclees available

Zandbrug 1 Utrecht

Zandbrug Utrecht

Watercolour, Winsor&Newton hp 36x28cm

Private property