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The Weaver 1968

The Weaver 1968

Inkdrawing, 18x13cm

Made this ink drawing at the age of 14 as a cover of a school magazine called The little Weaver.

Alblasserdam 1969

Alblasserdam 1969

Charcoal drawing, 20x16cm

Made this one at the age of 15

Dairy factory Genderen 1969

Dairy factory Genderen 1969

Pencil drawing, 12x16cm

Made this drawing at the age of 15

Mill of Kortland 1968

Mill of Kortland

Pencil drawing, 10x10cm

Made this one at the age of 14

Roodborsttappuit / Robin sprout

Robin Sprout / Roodborsttappuit

Colouredpencil, 9x15cm, €75

Gekraagde roodstaart / Collard Redstart

Collard Redstart/gekraagde roodstaart

Colouredpencil, 10×16, €75

House sparrow €85

House sparrow/huismus


10×14 cm


Bearded reedlings

Bearded reedlings

Colouredpencil, €75

Blue heron/blauwe reiger

Blue heron/blauwe reiger

Colouredpencil 13×10cm, €100

Bluethroat/blauwborstje 2


Colouredpencil, 12x14cm, €75