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Entrance Castle de Haar

Entrance Castle de Haar

Pen and ink drawing, washed

Schutpaper, €125

The Finer kids 1

The Finer kids Nr.1

Watercolor, private property

Den Hamtoren / Den Ham Tower

Den Ham Tower

Pen and ink, washed

Schut paper €125

Duvauchelle New Zealand

Duvauchelle New Zealand

Watercolor on Clairfontaine cp fine 48x36cm Private property

Mills at Kinderdijk 4

Mills at Kinderdijk

Watercolor on Clairfontaine cp cloud 27x47cm €360

Mireia and Toni

Mireia and Toni

Watercolor on Winsor&Newton cp fine 26×36 Private property

Maartenshof Utrecht

Cloister Maartenshof Utrecht

Ink and washed, €125



Watercolor, 30×24 cm

Schut 90lbs, €200

Alblasserdam 1969

Alblasserdam 1969

Charcoal drawing, 20x16cm

Made this one at the age of 15

Dairy factory Genderen 1969

Dairy factory Genderen 1969

Pencil drawing, 12x16cm

Made this drawing at the age of 15

Mill of Kortland 1968

Mill of Kortland

Pencil drawing, 10x10cm

Made this one at the age of 14

Boris and Felix

Boris and Felix

Watercolor 28x23cm

Winsor&Newton fine. Private property.

Selfportrait 1970

Selfportrait 1970

Oil on panel, 18x12cm

Painted when I was 16 years old

Swinging mummie

Swinging mummie

Oil on canvas, 40x50cm

Free after Ans Markus. Not for sale.

Annechien Steenhuizen

Annechien Steenhuizen

Oil on canvas, 30×24 cm


Iris €100

Fabriano 90lbs 4x10cm

Chapel of Strad Austria

Chapel of Strad Austria €75

Fabriano 90lbs 9x14cm

Zadelstraat Utrecht


Watercolor €sold

Hahnemühle hp 24x36cm

Steenweg Utrecht


Watercolor €420

Clairfontaine cp fine 48x36cm

’t Wed

’t Wed

Watercolor €sold

Clairfontaine cp 35x26cm